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Why do Aussie homes need COLORBOND insulated roof panels?

Discover why you should consider insulated roof panels by COLORBOND for your home.

Upgrade to a better roofing solution

Your home’s roof plays a significant role in protecting you from the elements and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for you and your family. If you’re growing tired of your old roof and you’re looking to switch to something new, COLORBOND insulated roof panels are just what you need!

These roof panels are designed to be durable yet very easy to install and maintain, making them the perfect choice for Aussie homeowners! These features distinguish them from conventional roofing solutions and promise a multitude of lifelong benefits.

Why COLORBOND insulated roof panels are a great choice for your home

Here’s why these insulated roofing panels are the best choice for Aussie homes:

Acoustic comfort

While most roofing types do offer some degree of acoustic comfort, COLORBOND insulated roof panels can offer this to a greater extent. The special insulation layer helps keep out the sound of cars, aircraft and weather, creating a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment.

Condensation control

Insulated roofs have a special vapour barrier built into them. This barrier prevents condensation from building up inside the roof panels, keeping them dry. This, in turn, helps prevent fungus, mildew and the dreaded black mould from growing inside your home’s roof.

Superior insulation performance

These roofing panels contain materials like polyurethane foam or expanded polystyrene, which have high insulation values. This construction contributes to reducing thermal bridges, energy wastage and heat loss by forming a warm and energy-saving building envelope.


Insulated roofing can trap heat and also keep out heat depending on the climate, so you won’t need to rely too much on your air conditioning and heating systems. This can help you save money on electricity bills, making these roof panels a very cost-effective investment.

Energy efficiency

These roof panels are fully insulated to create an endothermic effect, lowering the overall power consumption. This results in reduced energy bills alongside lower greenhouse gas emissions, which directly supports Australia’s drive toward environmental sustainability.

Environmental impact

If you’re eco-conscious, these panels enable a reduction in energy consumption for heating and cooling, which can be very beneficial for the environment. Moreover, some insulated roofing is designed from recycled materials, supplementing their environmental sustainability.

Looking for COLORBOND insulated roof panels? We’ve got you covered!

ClickSteel brings you a huge selection of COLORBOND roofing products, all supplied by leading manufacturers like TRUECORE and ZINCALUME! The best part is that you can order all your products online without stepping foot in a physical store!

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Kim Sanders, Redland Bay, QLD

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Frequently asked questions

Can COLORBOND roofing withstand fading?

While COLORBOND roofing is more resistant to fading as compared to most traditional roofing materials, you may notice some slight fading over time. However, the fading will be minimal thanks to the durability of COLORBOND roofing.

Are these roof panels suitable for coastal areas?

Yes, they are tested and designed to survive in areas with high levels of moisture and salt content in the air, making them perfect for homes built in coastal areas.

Are insulated roof panels by COLORBOND lighter than traditional roofing tiles?

Yes, these roof panels are significantly lighter than roofing tiles. This reduces the load they exert on your home and makes them easier and quicker to install.

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