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Insulated Panel Roofing Solutions

The very best patio building solutions

Building a patio is one of the most popular home DIY projects, but it can be a nightmare if you can’t get the right products and materials. Here at ClickSteel we make it easy to get everything you need in one convenient place, delivered right to your door.

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Insulated Roof Panels: A Smart Investment for Energy Efficiency and Comfort

When it comes to home or commercial building construction, choosing the right roofing materials can make a world of difference in both comfort and energy efficiency. One innovative solution gaining popularity in recent years is insulated roof panels. These cutting-edge panels combine insulation and structural elements, providing an array of advantages for homeowners and businesses alike. A primary benefit of insulated roof panels is their superior energy efficiency. Composed of a rigid foam insulation core sandwiched between two metal skins, these panels boast exceptional thermal performance.

The insulation reduces heat transfer, keeping interiors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This, in turn, leads to significant energy savings and reduced utility bills. In fact, studies have shown that the use of insulated roof panels can lead to energy savings of up to 50% when compared to traditional roofing materials. In addition to energy efficiency, insulated roof panels offer a number of other advantages. Their lightweight design means easier installation and reduced labor costs, while their durability ensures a longer-lasting roofing solution.

Furthermore, they boast excellent acoustic properties, dampening outdoor noise for a quieter indoor environment. With these myriad benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing insulated roof panels for their construction projects. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your property’s comfort and energy performance with this smart, sustainable roofing solution.

insulated roof panels

A comprehensive range of patio roofing

Whether you’re buying materials and enlisting the services of a tradesperson or building a patio yourself, one thing is for certain – you need the right patio products to make the project a success. Outdoor areas can be transformed with the installation of a patio, keeping you out of the rain and hot sun. You get year-round protection and can add walls, doors or bistro blinds to make the space even more sheltered.

Whichever way you intend to use your patio we’ve got everything you need. Choose a design style that best suits your home. Consider:

  • Fly Over
  • Gable
  • Free Standing
  • Attached Skillion

Structural patio products

Most people would agree that the structural components of a patio are the most important. Whilst the roof is the main feature, if you don’t have the correct supports, you can run into terrible problems. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best products on the market for patio structures.

We stock a wide range of high-quality posts, battens, beams and connector systems to help you build a quality patio. All of our galvanised products come in a range of colours so you can match everything to your home.

Patio roofing

Solarspan®️ by Bondor®️ patios feature a unique roofing structure designed to provide superior insulation. The 3-layer design includes a roofing layer made from premium COLORBOND®️ steel, a Coreplus®️ thermal layer for increased noise reduction and thermal performance, and a COLORBOND®️ steel ceiling layer. You can also choose from the stunning COLORBOND®️ steel colour range, inspired by our natural environment.

You can even choose from a plain, contemporary ceiling finish or a heritage style with smooth lines. Simple, attractive, and built to last, your Solarspan®️ patio roofing is the ultimate in innovation. Backed by a 20-year warranty, Solarspan®️ also has a Bushfire Attack level of BAL40 and meets all Australian building standards.

A host of design options

With Solarspan®️ outdoor shaded living areas, you’re getting the best quality on the market. Enjoy the beauty of COLORBOND®️ steel roofing colours, stunning profiles and designer COLORBOND®️ steel roofing accessories. Choose from posts and beams made from pre-painted steel, aluminium or stained timber depending on your desired look. You’ll gain more open space thanks to the Solarspan®️ design, giving you more flexibility to install lights, fans and much more. For beauty and function in one package, look no further than Solarspan®️.

Shop online

Sick of being messed around by local suppliers who can’t tell you if a product is in stock? Spending half a day driving around different stores, only to find they don’t have what you need anyway? Say goodbye to that frustration, because ClickSteel is here with a solution.

Our service is completely online, meaning we have low overheads and keep our prices affordable. Plus, our team has years of industry experience, so we know exactly what the best products on the market are. We’ve brought together great prices, high-quality materials and online ordering convenience.


Looking for tradies?

Building a patio might seem like a fun DIY project, but it’s not always a simple process. Unless you’re a bit of a whiz on the tools, it’s likely you’ll need some professional help. Even though many of our patio roofing products are designed with ease of installation in mind, there is still a lot to consider. So, if you’d rather let a tradie handle it, we can help there too.

Check out our Find-A-Tradie page, and we’ll direct our preferred local experts who can help. No more searching online for all the people in your area who can build patios – we’ll have them get in touch with you at the click of a button.

Contact us to find out more

For all the very best patio products designed to meet Australian building standards and withstand Australian conditions, look no further than ClickSteel. We provide a huge range of steel building products and materials, such as fencing, roofing, patios and so much more. Get everything you need all in one place, delivered to your door. Building patios has never been easier. For all enquiries, contact ClickSteel today.

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