Roof Batten
TRUECORE Roof Batten 40mm 6500mm Stock Length
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TRUECORE Roof Batten 40mm 6500mm Stock Length

$28.95 each (Inc GST)

The most popular and commonly suitable COLORBOND steel metal roof batten on the market.

COLORBOND Truecore Steel Roof Batten 40mm 6500mm Stock Length is a versatile and reliable batten that offers exceptional strength and durability. Made from premium-grade COLORBOND Truecore steel, this batten is designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions and provide long-lasting support for your roof. Its 40mm dimensions make it a perfect fit for various roof profiles, and the 6500mm stock length ensures it can be used for different roof heights. With its sleek and modern design, this steel batten complements any roof design style, making it an ideal choice for builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts who want reliable and robust roof support.

Why COLORBOND® steel


With five layers of protection, COLORBOND® steel has been designed to endure our harsh Australian environment and provide long-lasting durability you can trust. Our high quality steel is coated in our industry leading enhanced corrosion-resistant Activate® technology*, then further enhanced with pre-treatment, primer and a baked-on topcoat.

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*Activate® technology is not available for COLORBOND® steel products with a galvanised steel substrate.

Thermal comfort

COLORBOND® steel’s core colour range in the Classic and Matt finish features our specially designed Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. Thermatech® reflects more of the sun’s heat on hot, sunny days which may help increase your comfort while reducing your dependence on air conditioning*. Thermatech® is available in all core colours except Night Sky®.

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*Results will depend on roof colour, level and location of insulation, type and location of building shape and function.


To help create a more sustainable ‘circular economy’, every COLORBOND® steel product incorporates recycled material and the steel itself is 100% recyclable.
Moreover, COLORBOND® steel’s proven longevity keeps resources in use for longer, minimising its impact on the environment.

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Warranty backed by BlueScope

When you choose COLORBOND® steel, you’re also getting the support of BlueScope, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers. That’s why COLORBOND® steel’s renowned durability is backed up by some of the most robust building product warranties for eligible applicants.

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Make sure it's genuine

Over fifty years of Australian research and development has created a range of technologies that give genuine COLORBOND® steel its long lasting performance when subjected to some of the harshest Australian conditions. You can make sure you’re getting the genuine article by looking out for the COLORBOND® steel branding on the product, or its packaging.

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