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How to transform your home with trendy designs for wall panelling sheets

Personalise your living space with flair. Dress up your walls with trendy wall-panelling sheet designs.

Wall Panelling Sheets

Give your walls a makeover!

Your home’s exterior matters as much as the interior when it comes to design. Clean, great-looking walls complete the look of your home and with the multitude of design choices available these days, you can personalise it to your liking very quickly.

Wall panelling sheets are a great way to incorporate these designs into your home since they offer extensive colours and finishes to make your design process easier. Additionally, wall panelling also offers added protection for your walls, improved insulation, and low maintenance costs.

Why COLORBOND wall panelling sheets

COLORBOND wall products are among the most recognised wall panelling products in Australia due to their high-quality standards.

Here is why you should consider COLORBOND for your next wall panelling project.


COLORBOND wall panels are available in 22 core colours, including 6 premium matte finishes, offering unbound customisation options to create your own designs.


COLORBOND steel offers five layers of protection against harsh Australian weather conditions. COLORBOND walls can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance.


COLORBOND panels are made with thermal efficiency in mind, offering excellent insulation to keep your home comfortable, in both hot and cold weather conditions.


COLORBOND steel is made with 100% recyclable steel, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. You can contribute to a greener environment with a COLORBOND wall.

All you need to know about wall panelling

Traditionally used to offer insulation between a room and stone walls, wall panelling is now commonly used for exterior and interior walls to improve structural integrity.

Wall panelling is available in a wide variety of materials, from wood and wood fibre to fibre cement and metal, most often aluminium or steel. Metal is among the more common options for panels now due to its cost efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance, and customisation options.

Making use of the extensive colour and finish options available in metal wall panelling, you can create highly personalised designs to make your home stand out from the rest.

wall panelling sheets

Shop genuine COLORBOND products at ClickSteel

Interested in taking your home’s exterior to the next level with better protection and looks? COLORBOND wall panelling sheets are the perfect choice for you.

ClickSteel offers the best prices for COLORBOND products on our online marketplace. We offer COLORBOND clip-fix wall sheeting, MINI CORODEK wall sheeting, corrugated roof & wall sheeting, and more.

We also guarantee 3-5 day delivery with flat-rate fees to anywhere in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. Shop ClickSteel today! 

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See what our customers say about us

“We love ClickSteel for their wide range of Colorbond steel building products. We chose from a range of colours, and ordered the exact length we needed. As diehard DIY’rs, we know we can order anytime and it will be delivered to our doorstep within 5 days.”

Kim Sanders, Redland Bay, QLD

“Order arrived today, thank you very much – exactly on time and delivery driver dropped right next to my shed as requested. Great stuff. Cheers”



BLUEGUM Metzag Fence Panel
Colorbond Metline Fence Panel
Matthew Wells Burpengary East, QLD

“Before we found ClickSteel we’d have to wait for quotes on “Special Orders” and then more for the delivery. Now with ClickSteel I don’t need to wait. I simply jump online : order custom lengths, and enjoy delivery in 48hours!” 

David Byrne, Brisbane, QLD

Frequently asked questions

Can I install wall panelling sheets myself?

While interior metal wall panel installation is a relatively simple process, it’s always a good idea to get the help of professionals when installing exterior wall panels. If you need help finding a contractor, check out our Find-A-Tradie service to find reliable tradies in your area.

What COLORBOND wall panelling products does ClickSteel offer?

We offer a range of COLORBOND steel walling products including,

  • Clip-fix wall sheeting
  • Corrugated roof & wall sheeting
  • METROCLAD roof & wall sheeting
  • METROSPAN roof & wall sheeting
  • MINI CORODEK wall sheeting
  • Mini rib wall sheeting
  • TRIMCLAD roof & wall sheeting
How do I maintain my COLORBOND steel wall panels?

COLORBOND steel products are very easy to maintain in general. Simply wash the panels down with a hose or a soft brush and mild detergent every 6-12 months to keep it looking its best.

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