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Common mistakes when installing COLORBOND fence panels

Learn about common mistakes that may happen when you’re installing COLORBOND fence panels for the first time.

Metal fencing

Installing a new fence isn’t always easy

Installing COLORBOND fence panels is like having a stylish, sturdy friend to accompany you and your home outdoors. This is an excellent option for those who are looking for durability and aesthetic appeal, with little to no maintenance.

But even with the best intentions, you might encounter pitfalls that make the whole process of installing your new fence panels more complicated than it ought to be. Not everyone has the skills to install fences perfectly, so it’s always a good idea to be aware of the common mistakes you might make.

Common COLORBOND fence panel installation mistakes

Here are several common mistakes that you could make when installing COLORBOND fences:

Don’t forget to chat with the locals!

Let’s begin with the neighbourhood vibe. Before you start getting too excited about building the fence of your dreams, you should probably check with your local council or homeowner’s association. Every place has its own fence rules and you don’t want to stir the hornet’s nest by making a mistake. A five-minute chat may save you from unpleasant things later.

Watch out for hidden surprises underground

Ah! The great underground—a world of wonder that might be a problem should the utility lines be bizarrely placed. Before you begin digging, make sure to call the utility companies in your local area to mark any cables or pipes that may be underground. It’s a simple solution to avoid many problems and also prevent personal harm to you and your family.

Measure twice, cut once

A rule of thumb that we have heard countless times. It rings true, especially with the installation of fences. Getting the measurements correct is very important, otherwise, you may find yourself making unnecessary trips to the store or a fence that doesn’t look straight. Now, get a tape measure, make it right, and maybe measure one more time, just to verify.

Make a strong foundation

Your fence won’t stay stable without those posts. Make sure they’re well tucked in their holes and surrounded by the right amount of concrete. Here, patience is your best friend— don’t rush; let the concrete set before you proceed to the next step. Your future self will be happy knowing that the fence has stood the test of time, being tall and sturdy.

Give your fence space to breathe

COLORBOND fences, just like we humans, need space to breathe. They grow and shrink as temperature changes, so it’s necessary to allow for this expansion and contraction. Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully to ensure you have provided enough room for the fence to properly handle the changing season, without warping or becoming loose.

Pick the perfect palette

COLORBOND brings you a colour range complete with every shade you can imagine to suit each style and taste. It’s important to make sure that the colour you choose will not only exhibit your own unique flavour but also mix well with your beautiful home’s exterior and landscaping. This selection will add more curb appeal and value to your home’s exterior.

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Frequently asked questions

Can COLORBOND fences be installed on any type of terrain?

COLORBOND fences can be installed on most types of terrain, including flat and sloped landscapes. However, special installation techniques may be required for uneven ground to ensure stability and a uniform appearance, so you may need help from a professional.

Are COLORBOND fences eco-friendly?

COLORBOND steel is considered eco-friendly due to its exceptional durability and recyclability. The long lifespan of these fences means less environmental impact over time and the steel is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

How long do COLORBOND fences last?

They’re designed to last for many years, often exceeding 25 years when properly installed and maintained. That being said, their lifespan isn’t set in stone as factors like bad weather can damage the fences and reduce their lifespan.

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