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Factors to consider when choosing steel and fence suppliers in Australia

Steel is one of the most used materials for fencing in both residential and commercial projects in Australia. Therefore, choosing a reliable supplier is vital to the smooth operation of your fencing project.

COLORBOND steel for your project

Choosing the right steel & fence supply partner that offers all these options is a daunting task. It is much easier to decide on a supplier based on the products they offer, and COLORBOND steel & fence supplies are some of the most reliable products in the market.

COLORBOND steel meets the considerations of quality, product range, customisation, sustainability, and certifications quite easily. The key features of COLORBOND steel that address these considerations are:

  • Durability
    COLORBOND products are made for Australian conditions, rigorously tested, and monitored for long-term performance. A well-maintained COLORBOND steel fence can last up to 20 years.
  • Sustainability
    COLORBOND steel is 100% recyclable, making it one of the best environmentally friendly choices for fencing. It’s also lightweight, resulting in fewer emissions when transporting.
  • Customisability
    COLORBOND steel offers 22 core colours, with 6 of them in premium matte finishes and a variety of panel sizes that you can use to address your needs for customisation as needed.

10 factors to consider when choosing a steel & fence supply partner

The most important considerations you should be making when choosing a steel fence supplier are as follows:

Quality of materials

The quality of the materials you are sourcing affects the entirety of the project. While most suppliers claim to have the highest quality materials that meet Australian standards, it’s always a good idea to verify their claims.

Range of products

The range of products a supplier will have at their disposal is always a good metric of the supplier’s capability and experience. A wide range of products also allows you to pick and choose exactly what you need for your project.

Supplier reputation

The supplier’s reputation in the industry is an immediately apparent metric of trust and capability. Ask around, read customer reviews, and check testimonials to gain information about any potential suppliers you have in mind.

Experience and expertise

The supplier’s experience in the industry and expertise in similar projects will ensure you have an easier time managing the project. Keep these considerations in mind and bring them up when you’re communicating with your supplier.

Pricing options

The availability of competitive pricing options, offers, and promotions can all contribute to a better arrangement for you. Suppliers facilitating online ordering and delivery may have better prices than your traditional supplier.

Delivery and logistics

Factors associated with delivery, such as cost, quality, and timeliness are often a sizable concern when sourcing steel. Ensure your supplier offers products that are delivered with care, in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Customer support

A supplier who offers great customer and after-sales service is highly valuable. Ensure your supplier is responsive to your queries, provides clear communication, and offers support throughout the purchasing process and after.

Customisation options

More customisation options mean more variety of products for you to choose from. If you are taking on a project that needs a pervasive amount of customisation, choose a supplier that can deliver on these customisation needs.

Sustainability considerations

As individual, commercial, and regulatory concerns for sustainability are at an all-time high, make sure your supplier follows sustainable policies for manufacturing, processing, and delivery and relevant industry standards.

Certifications and compliance

The supplier’s adherence to industry standards will result in an overall more reliable and trustworthy steel & fence supply partner. Check for relevant certifications such as ISO standards and SSA certifications in your supplier.

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If you are looking for a reliable COLORBOND steel & fence supply partner, look no further! ClickSteel offers all you need and more for your fencing project.

ClickSteel is owned and operated by professionals in the industry and offers ultra-competitive pricing, plenty of offers and discounts. Since we are an online retailer, our overheads are also lower, resulting in much better prices for you.

We offer flat-rate delivery countrywide, and our deliveries are guaranteed to reach you within 3-5 days of purchase, regardless of where you are. We also offer a click-and-collect option so you can conveniently pick up your order from our showroom.

Our returns and exchanges policy is designed for your convenience, facilitating easy exchanges, replacements, and refunds without hassle.

Shop for COLORBOND steel fencing sheets, panels, and fencing accessories from ClickSteel.

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“We love ClickSteel for their wide range of Colorbond steel building products. We chose from a range of colours, and ordered the exact length we needed. As diehard DIY’rs, we know we can order anytime and it will be delivered to our doorstep within 5 days.”

Kim Sanders, Redland Bay, QLD

“Order arrived today, thank you very much – exactly on time and delivery driver dropped right next to my shed as requested. Great stuff. Cheers”



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Matthew Wells Burpengary East, QLD

“Before we found ClickSteel we’d have to wait for quotes on “Special Orders” and then more for the delivery. Now with ClickSteel I don’t need to wait. I simply jump online : order custom lengths, and enjoy delivery in 48hours!” 

David Byrne, Brisbane, QLD

Frequently asked questions

Does ClickSteel offer fencing installation services?

While ClickSteel does not, we offer a dedicated service to connect you with tradies in your area called Find-a-Tradie.

What COLORBOND fencing products can I buy?

As a prominent COLORBOND fencing supplier, we offer a range of COLORBOND fencing products, including:

  • COLORBOND steel Infill Sheets
  • COLORBOND Gate Kits
  • COLORBOND steel Zig Zag Fence Panels
  • COLORBOND steel Metro Friendly Fence Panels
  • COLORBOND steel Trim Fence Panels
  • COLORBOND steel Fencing Accessories
What is ClickSteel’s refund policy?

The standard refund policy applies if you request a refund within 5 business days with proof of purchase. You may be entitled to a refund if:

  • The goods purchased are not as per the specifications ordered
  • The goods purchased have manufacturing defects
  • The goods purchased are delivered with damages that occurred during delivery
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