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Great COLORBOND guttering colours for your home

Learn more about some great colours you can choose for your home’s COLORBOND guttering.

Guttering Colours

Colour up your guttering

Needless to say, guttering plays a huge role in preserving your home’s structural integrity and keeping mould and mildew off your walls. But just because guttering is a bit out of the way, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t add to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

COLORBOND guttering does offer a variety of great designs, but they also come in some trendy colours! We’re not talking about basic blues and reds, these gutters feature a range of wonderful cool and warm tones that can spice up your home.

By mixing and matching these COLORBOND guttering colours with your home’s colour scheme, you can make your humble abode stand out from the rest and make it the envy of your neighbours!

Great COLORBOND guttering colours you should try out

Here are some wonderful colours you might want to choose for your guttering to bring out the best in your home;


This is a very versatile and modern colour that’s great for contemporary or modern home designs. If you’re not a fan of loud colours, Basalt might just be the right colour for your home. 

Deep Ocean

If you’re looking for a bold colour for your COLORBOND guttering, try Deep Ocean. This striking blue colour can give your home a very distinctive look and it goes well with lighter colours.


This colour is perfect for anyone who is going for an earthy aesthetic. Paperbark is great for homes that are built on plots with natural aesthetics and it can complement many exterior colours.


This is a sandy, neutral colour that complements many modern home designs and old timely traditional ones too. Dune can add a very warm and welcoming aesthetic to your home’s exterior.


This is a soft off-white colour that goes well with contemporary home designs. This colour is great for anyone who loves minimalism and doesn’t want to go for bright, loud colour schemes.

Manor Red

This deep red colour has a very luxurious feel to it. Manor Red guttering can go beautifully with homes that are predominantly grey and can also add a dash of warmth to the exterior.

Cottage Green

A soft, muted green colour, Cottage Green COLORBOND gutters can invoke a sense of peace and tranquillity in your home. This colour works great for homes built near scenic landscapes.

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Frequently asked questions

How long can I expect my COLORBOND guttering to last

COLORBOND guttering can last for about 20-30 years if they’re maintained well and don’t get exposed to extreme weather.

Does COLORBOND guttering come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. This guttering comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that vouches for its resistance to paint flaking and corrosion.

Is COLORBOND guttering safe to use in coastal areas?

Yes, it is. COLORBOND guttering is designed to resist corrosion caused by salt air, making it perfect for homes in coastal areas.

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