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The various COLORBOND gutter profiles for homes

Find out why you need gutters for your home and the various COLORBOND gutter profiles you can choose from.

COLORBOND gutter profile

Gutters: An anti-water-damage solution

Rain gutters are a common part of any home. They don’t just add to your home’s aesthetic appeal, they also help protect your home from water damage, mildew, and mould. Also, gutters help direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation and sidings.

How gutters work is very simple—they just catch the water streaming down your roof and then redirect it to the edge of the roof where a downspout will dispense the water into your home’s water drainage system.

Here’s a quick look at a few benefits of using gutters and the different types of COLORBOND gutter profiles you can choose for your home.

Different types of COLORBOND gutter profiles

COLORBOND gutters don’t just come in a variety of different colours—they also feature a selection of profiles. Here are some popular COLORBOND gutter profiles you should check out:


This is a classic gutter design featuring a traditional, rectangular shape. Quad gutters are great for most properties and come in various sizes to accommodate different roof types and rainfall volumes.


These gutters are integrated into the roof’s fascia board, creating a streamlined and concealed appearance. These gutters are perfect for homeowners who prefer a minimalist look without visible gutter edges.

Half Round

Half-round gutters have a semi-circular shape that offers a rounded appearance. They’re a good choice if you’re looking to improve the looks of your home as they look good on traditional and modern buildings.


Squareline gutters, as the name suggests, have a square front and back profile with a flat bottom. This design gives them a clean, geometric appearance that complements modern and minimalist building styles.

The benefits of COLORBOND gutters for roofs

Here’s a look at the many benefits that you can expect from COLORBOND gutters for your home;

Exceptional durability

Compared to generic guttering, COLORBOND steel gutters are extremely durable. It features a corrosion-resistant layer made from zinc, aluminium and magnesium that helps prevent rusting.

A selection of colours

COLORBOND gutters come in a diverse selection of vibrant and attractive colours. Thanks to the range of colours available, you’ll have no trouble choosing gutters that match your home’s colour.

Low maintenance

Gutters made from COLORBOND steel are built to the highest quality standards. After installing COLORBOND guttering, thanks to its corrosion resistance, it won’t need much maintenance.

COLORBOND gutters for roofs

ClickSteel-the #1 place for COLORBOND guttering solutions

If you’re looking for high-quality guttering for your home, look no further than ClickSteel. We have a wide selection of COLORBOND steel gutters that come in a selection of attractive colours and profiles. 

All of our products are supplied by leading manufacturers such as COLORBOND, ZINCALUME, GALVASPAN and TRUECORE, So what are you waiting for? visit our online store today!

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Kim Sanders, Redland Bay, QLD

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Matthew Wells Burpengary East, QLD

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Frequently asked questions

Should I clean my COLORBOND gutters often?

Yes, you should. While COLORBOND gutters require very little maintenance, they can still accumulate leaves and other debris that can cause clogging. Consider cleaning your gutters once every two months. It’s also best to cut any tree branches that hang over your roof.

Can COLORBOND gutters add more value to my home?

Absolutely! A good guttering system is crucial for any home and when it’s a gutter made from premium COLORBOND steel, home buyers are more likely to pay top dollar for your home.

Can I get matching downpipes with COLORBOND gutters?

Yes, you can. You can get matching downpipes with your gutters for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing guttering system for your home.

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