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Aluminium Gutter

Aluminium Gutters vs Steel: Pros and Cons of Both Materials

Whether you’re building a new home, re-roofing or simply replacing old, damaged gutters, you have a lot of choices. Gutters come in a range of shapes and styles, such as round, square, quad, fascia and box gutters. If you’re working with an old roof, you may be limited in the style you choose because the gutters need to work with the existing structure.

However, if you’re re-roofing or building a new home, you’ve got a wide range of options to choose from. The other major thing you’ll want to consider is the material your gutters are made from. Today we’re going to compare two of the most popular materials, being aluminium and steel. Each has its pros and cons, and we’ll take a look at that in more detail.

What is the purpose of gutters?

The main reason you need to install gutters is to draw water away from your roof. Naturally, rain falls and rolls down your roof, and it needs to go somewhere. Without gutters, the water would just spill over the side of the house, creating large puddles and potentially even causing structural damage.

By installing gutters, you provide a channel for rainwater to flow along until it is taken away from the house via a downpipe. It’s important to note that if gutters or downpipes get clogged with debris such as leaves, they won’t work properly. Water builds up in the gutters, eventually creating too much strain and the gutters can collapse. So, proper installation of the correct gutters and downpipes is crucial.

Aside from the functional side of things, gutters also add an aesthetic appeal. With the right colour combinations, your roof can look incredible, which ultimately adds value to the home.

Aluminium gutters

While they are less common today, aluminium gutters are still quite popular for many homes around Australia. It is lightweight but still very durable, which is part of the reason it’s a good choice for guttering. In fact, aluminium gutters can also be continuous, meaning fewer joins and less possibility of leaks occurring. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros of aluminium gutters

  • Possible to use without any joins or screws
  • Lightweight
  • Less chance of leaks occurring
  • Aluminium won’t rust
  • Can be cut to measure easily
  • Cost-effective

Cons of aluminium gutters

  • Can sometimes lack strength
  • Can be adversely affected by heat
  • Sudden temperature changes can cause issues

Overall, aluminium gutters are perfectly fine in most Australian conditions. Most of the country is affected by rainfall throughout the year, so the fact that aluminium gutters don’t rust is extremely appealing. When powder coated, you can also get aluminium gutters in a range of colours, so you should always be able to match them easily to your home.

Typically, aluminium is considered a cost-effective, easy-to-work-with material. The most popular choice in Australia is Zincalume®, which is actually made from zinc, aluminium and silicon. It’s known to last a lot longer than galvanised steel, is resistant to corrosion and extremely durable, unlike lesser forms of aluminium guttering. So, if you do choose aluminium, it’s likely you’ll be going with Zincalume®.

Steel gutters

When we talk about steel gutters, there are actually different variations. Galvanised steel, for example, is much cheaper than other types of guttering but also doesn’t last as long because it isn’t rust-proof. Stainless steel, on the hand, is very durable, won’t rust, and even maintains a terrific shiny appearance. However, it is much more expensive.

We’re going to look at Colorbond® steel roofing, which features a Zincalume® core. It is lightweight, won’t rust, crack or chip in the sun, and is extremely popular in the Australian market. Thanks to the brand’s stringent testing procedures, Colorbond® steel is seriously built to last. Best of all, it’s even affordably priced.

Pros of steel gutters

  • Low-maintenance
  • Won’t crack, peel or rust
  • Great for harsh climates
  • Adaptable for most roofing systems
  • A huge range of colours available
  • Strong and built to last

Cons of steel gutters

  • Not always the most affordable
  • Inferior steel products may not meet Colorbond® expectations

Ultimately, Colorbond® is such a trusted name in Australia for a reason, so consumers should have no issues with installing Colorbond® steel guttering. Maintenance will be low, and as long as you take steps to keep your gutters free of debris, they will last a long time before needing replacement.


So, which is better for your home? Aluminium or Colorbond® steel? When looking at aluminium vs steel gutters, the sensible options are Zincalume® and Colorbond®. Both are going to be durable and look great on your home. Both are technically steel, but Zincalume® is made from aluminium. You can’t go wrong with either, really.

Typically, Colorbond® is slightly more expensive but the difference in price isn’t significant. So, as long as the gutters are compatible with your roof, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Need help deciding between aluminium vs steel gutters?

If you’ve got any queries about roofing products, contact the friendly team at Clicksteel today. We offer high-quality Zincalume® and Colorbond® gutters, and you can even purchase with convenience online. With a variety of styles available to suit any home, we’re your one-stop shop for online roofing materials.

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